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Learning Modules

Decide whether Costa Rica is the right fit for you. Each of our Learning Modules includes a video tutorial, as well as access to related blogs and webinars where you can field specific questions about the relocation process.

One-on-One Consulting
One-on-One Consulting

Once you have made the decision to relocate, we can help you get organized and do some of the legwork for you. You may need extra support for specific needs that are not addressed in the Learning Modules.

On Site Field Trips
On Site Field Trips

Explore communities and locations based on how you want to live. Visit properties and experience local shopping, dining and getting around. We tailor exploratory trips guided by a private driver that can be combined with your vacation.


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Who We Are & What We Do

Costa Rica Dream Team (CRDT) is an independent consultancy providing up-to-date, reliable information and insights on relocating to Costa Rica for families, entrepreneurs and retirees from around the world.

If Costa Rica is, indeed, the right fit, our Dream Team of professionals will guide you while planning your move, getting you ready to thrive in a different culture.

CRDT is not affiliated with any real-estate agencies or investment firms and receives no commissions for referrals. This means that our clients can rest assured that the information we provide is based on real-life experience, transparency and a genuine interest in preparing expats for a new life in Costa Rica.

Masterclass Modules and Webinars

CRDT courses and services are designed to save you the time and the trouble of sifting through endless travel websites and personal blogs while trying to pick out the facts from the hype. Rather, we offer convenient online courses and tailored support to guide clients as they explore whether moving to Costa Rica is a viable option — while taking into consideration individual circumstances, budgets and expectations

Module 10

Good to Know

Complementary with the purchase of any of our courses, this module is designed to address specific topics related to living in Costa Rica, providing additional information, as well as personal insights and tips.

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Costa Rica Dream Team

Our team lives, breathes, and dreams in Costa Rica

As impromptu tour guides and information go-to sources for all things Costa Rica, we are excited to offer you the same kind of help we’ve given hundreds of friends and acquaintances over the years. We understand your concerns, because we’ve been there ourselves. And, after all, sharing we know to make your life easier is just what friends do.

Marie Elena Hawkins

Marie Elena has worked between Costa Rica and the U.S. for the past 40 years as an educator, writer, and holistic health care provider, and brings a unique bicultural perspective to the Dream Team. Over the years Marie Elena has guided scores of newcomers through the maze of requirements involved with relocating, including gaining residency and accessing Costa Rica’s affordable health care system.

With two daughters in check, she has built houses as well as bought and sold property in both countries, and has shipped her belongings back and forth across the Caribbean more times than she cares to admit.

Known for her good humor and candid insight, Marie Elena describes her permanent return to Costa Rica in 2016 as “one of the best decisions I ever made.” When not working out of her home office overlooking volcanic mountains, she’s usually on social media documenting Costa Rica’s colorful land scapes and gardens for friends back home.

A fearless and intrepid traveler, Marie Elena draws from a wealth of experience to help newcomers avoid common pitfalls on their path to pura vida.

George Soriano

George Soriano was first introduced to Costa Rica in 1997 when he volunteered for a six-month social development project in the rain forest.  Instead of heading back to “the real world,” George chose the road less traveled, and has spent the last two decades in Costa Rica carving out his dream jobs as a writer and entrepreneur.

An expert in communications and sustainable development, George is passionate about mentoring newcomers on how they, too, can achieve a lifestyle business in the tropics. His experience as a journalist, editor, and head of marketing in the ecotourism industry led him to open a marketing consultancy in 2006.

The following year, George helped found Sibö Chocolate, an award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate company with an environmental mission. In addition to managing Sibö’s artisan factory, two shops and a restaurant, George has coordinated the company’s growing chocolate exports to the U.S. and Japan.

As an American doing business in Costa Rica, George will help expat entrepreneurs recognize unique opportunities and avoid costly snags while navigating new terrain in Costa Rica’s commercial sector.

Julio Fernández Amón

Costa Rican educator and historian, Julio Fernández, is the cultural attaché at Costa Rica Dream Team. A Fulbright scholar, Julio has spent most of his life sharing Costa Rica’s natural and cultural history with visitors from around the world.

For years Julio guided throughout Central America for National Geographic Expeditions, and has provided orientation training for university students and Peace Corps volunteers stationed in Costa Rica.

Often called a “Renaissance man” by friends, Julio speaks four languages and is skilled as a calligrapher, gardener, ceramicist, woodcarver and Master Chocolatier. In 2007, Julio opened Sibö Chocolate, a visionary world-class chocolate company aiming to call global attention to the importance of sustainable agriculture and biodiversity in a rapidly changing world.

Living among the stunning natural landscapes for which his country is so well known, Julio exemplifies what it means to have “the good life” in Costa Rica. For newcomers seeking a deeper cultural connection, Julio will help you assimilate into new surroundings with grace and ease.